Mission: To Promote and increase public awareness of the POW*MIA issue. To educate future generations of what POW*MIA means... Plus, to remind our fellow Americans the greatest tragedy of all is to be forgotten, and honor those that gave so much!

POW-MIA Freedom Car

Team Members:

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Race Shop

GOALS:  To use the world's largest spectator sport of over 75 million race fans to help promote awareness of the POW-MIA issue. Through the use of racing mediums we aspire to become the single, largest program in the country to keep the POW-MIA issue in the forefront of our fellow Americans. To help connect the past, present and future Veterans and keep them from being left behind, should they become POW-MIA. To remind our Great Nation of the obligation we have to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the FREEDOM we enjoy today. To ensure today's Warriors that their government will NEVER forget.

* It only makes sense to have a presence during large racing events throughout the Country...



Team Johnson Motorsports

Our race team is located in Mooresville, NC otherwise known as Race City, USA. More than 80% of the NASCAR race teams are located in this area.


Our shop houses the #76 POW*MIA Freedom Cars. All of our merchandising and Show Car

programs are also run out of the race shop.






Owner: Jack Johnson
A military Veteran himself, Jack has used his 40+ years of racing experience to promote the importance of our Veterans in the racing community.


Team Coordinator: Debby Johnson
Debby is Responsible for all ordering, packaging and scheduling. 

Event Coordinator: Lynn Preston

Lynn facilitates all appearances and events for the Freedom Car.

Graphics Design & Web: Tamara Johnson

Tammy has designed most everything that has to do with the Freedom Car and the POW*MIA awareness campaign

Race Crew:

 Philip Brown,  Dillon Harvey, Tony Ponkaukus, Steven Pierro, Adam Deem


Driver/Team Manager:

Jerick Johnson


Age: 38

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 215lbs.

Hometown: Faribault, MN

Residence: Mooresville, NC

Wife: Tamara

Kids: Jadyn and Tyler


Racing Accomplishments:

*Numberous  Wins and

  Pole awards

* Over (20) top 10 finishes

    in the last 2 seasons

* ASA Late Model

   Challenge series

   "Rookie of the Year"

* 2011 Finished 3rd in the

  World Series of SC Racing

* While competing in a limited

   ARCA series schedule, finsihed runner-up

   for Hard Charger of the Year

* Qualified and competed in NASCAR                Nationwide and Truck Series

* 1 of 43 drivers to compete in Inaugural

   Canada Busch Race


From Jerick:

"I thank you all for serving our great Country and your support of our team and this great American pasttime! See you at the track!"


For God and Country

Jerick Johnson