Mission: To Promote and increase public awareness of the POW*MIA issue. To educate future generations of what POW*MIA means... Plus, to remind our fellow Americans the greatest tragedy of all is to be forgotten, and honor those that gave so much!

POW-MIA Freedom Car


Freedom Cars wins... 

Here is a video for those that missed it!


Driver Programs

Race Shop 

Located in Mooresville, NC also known as Race City, USA. We stay on the cutting edge of racing technology with our location.

Driver/Team Manager: Jerick Johnson 

Advocate for Veterans! 5- time distiguished guest at American Legion National Convention.

Our Team

Driver: Ryan Millington 

Driver for the 2017 POW-MIA/ MyComputerCareer #76 Freedom Car at Hickory Motor Speedway and select


Table Ceremony Script 

Narrated by Jerick Johnson

POW*MIA Table Ceremony Script

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  2017POW-MIA/MyComputerCareer Race Schedule/Results:

Speedweeks 2017 February 16-25th   NASCAR       New Smyrna Beach, FL

15th, 6th, 9th, 4th, 5th, 16th, 4th

March 4th            Hickory Motor Speedway               Twin Races                1st and 3rd

March 11th          Hickory Motor Speedway                Twin Races                1st and 3rd

March 18th          Hickory Motor Speedway                100                             2nd

March 25th          Hickory Motor Speedway                Twin Races                1st and 2nd

April 8th               Hickory Motor Speedway                Twin Races                4th and 1st

April 15th             Easter Bunny 150                            PASS                         19th

April 22nd            Southern National Motorsports Park    Springfest              DNS 

April 29th             Hickory Motor Speedway                 Twin Races               1st and 12th 

May13th               Hickory Motor Speedway               100 lap                       1st  

May 20th              I44 Speedway              Military Appreciation Race           postponed

May 27th              Hickory Motor Speedway                 Twin Races              1st and 2nd

May 27th              Newport Motor Speedway                Twin Races              2nd and 1st

June 10th             Hickory Motor Speedway                  Twin Races             2nd and 6th

June 17th             Hickory Motor Speedway                   100                         10th

June 17th             Lebanon I-44 Speedway                   MO makeup            1st             

July 8th                Hickory Motor Speedway                   Twin Races             3rd and 2nd

July 15th              Hickory Motor Speedway                   100                          4th

July 22nd             Hickory Motor Speedway                   Twin Races

July 29th              Hickory Motor Speedway                    100

August 12th         Hickory Motor Speedway                     Twin Races

August 26th         Hickory Motor Speedway                      100

September 2nd    Hickory Motor Speedway                     150

September 9th     Hickory Motor Speedway                     Twin Races

September 16th   HMS Championship Night                    100

September 24th   Fawl Brawl  Indianapolis                      100

October 21st        HMS Fall Brawl                                     200



 Team Johnson Motorsports wins at Kingsport, TN

Military Appreciation Events at Walmarts.

MyComputerCareer lets our Military continue their education of Computers

Team Johnson Motorsports provides race shop and/or at track services as a winning solution for Driver Development or Experienced Drivers!  We have over 50 years of combined NASCAR, ARCA and Late Model experience. Must have sponsorship and/or self funded!        

Interested parties can contact the race shop at: 704-658-9988 or email at: info@Gotjm.com

Jerick and American Legion National Adjutant, Dan Wheeler.

Driver: Jake Spillers 

Driver and spokesperson for the 2016 POW-MIA/ MyComputerCareer #76 Freedom Car!

 #76 POW-MIA Freedom Car sponsored by MyComputerCareer in Victory Lane Columbus, OH.



What Is a POW*MIA?

Prisoner of War, Missing in Action; refers to any soldier that is taken prisoner by the opposing side, during an active action of war. It is not known whether the soldier is alive or dead, only that they are missing.