What Is a POW*MIA?

Prisoner of War, Missing in Action; refers to any soldier that is taken prisoner by the opposing side, during an active action of war. It is not known whether the soldier is alive or dead, only that they are missing.




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Driver: Jerick Johnson 

Advocate for Veterans! 5- time distiguished guest at American Legion National Convention.

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Located in Mooresville, NC also known as Race City, USA. We stay on the cutting edge of racing technology with our location.


Mission: To Promote and increase public awareness of the POW*MIA issue. To educate future generations of what POW*MIA means... Plus, to remind our fellow Americans the greatest tragedy of all is to be forgotten, and honor those that gave so much!

POW*MIA Table Ceremony Script

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Military Appreciation Events at Walmarts.

Jerick and American Legion National Adjutant, Dan Wheeler.

Team Johnson Motorsports presents the

POW*MIA Awareness Campaign

Creating Awareness for POW-MIA among our communities is not just about remembering are heroes of the past, but to ensure today's warriors that should anything happen... that they will NEVER be left behind or forgotten by a thankful Nation!!


Table Ceremony Script 

Narrated by Jerick Johnson

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Jake Spillers in the Team Johnson Motorsports #55 wins at Kingsport, TN

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